Why ThresherCam?


It’s been called “the most versatile system out there”. And for good reason. 

At its heart, the ThresherCam system’s cameras are extremely light-sensitive, allowing for better image capture in the darkness of the seafloor. The fact that the cameras are able to perform so well with no artificial light source is a huge plus, greatly reducing cost and complexity of operation. 

Because the video sensor is only part of the package, when designing the ThresherCam system, we matched ours with a recorder that offers one of the highest recording rates in the industry. We combined low light sensors and very low compression recorders, resulting in higher quality images than even the High Definition sensors out there are able to get. This is in spite of the darkness and extreme conditions found on the seafloor. In short, there may be higher quality sensors out there, but because of the ThresherCam system, none are better able to record high-quality images at these light levels in these conditions. 

High quality images are no good if they end up being left on the seafloor.  Anyone who has gone into the ‘field’, especially to sea, knows that operating conditions are a factor and that equipment failure and underperformance costs time and money.  With that in mind, we designed the ThresherCam system with no moving parts, and a Military Specification recorder. ThresherCam is able to continue to record, and retain those recordings, even when subjected to the types of abuse seen in commercial fishing, like swings from very high to very low temperatures and extreme shocks. It is all housed in an extremely durable stainless steel housing rated to 1000 feet, with deeper housings available.

It’s clear that the cameras, recorder and housing make this the most robust system out there for getting and keeping recordings from the seafloor, but it’s the ThresherCam system’s ability to simultaneously collect data that makes it the most versatile system available today. Tie in other cameras and see how your nets are performing over differing terrain with an X,Y, and Z, Axis readout. Collect water temperature and salinity data. Whatever your data needs might be, the ThresherCam System can collect it for you and get it to you.



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MITech was formed out of frustration with several inudustries that are notorious for poor customer service. Our clients will always be treated with respect and given the time and answers they deserve. Whether a novice or seasoned professional, MITech can help with the project planning, execution and even post processing.  Have questions? Gice us a call or drop an email.  We look forward to hearing from you.



Marine Imaging Technologies

When your project calls for working in some of the most remote places on the planet, there is no time or room for failure.

There are many things that make MITech unique – but one of the core beliefs is the power of imagery. Imagery in the hands of the right people is powerful – it can determine government policy, it can start a movement, it can even change lives. Imagery is more than just a pretty picture. For scientists it may be the critical data from a once in a lifetime event. For film makers, it is the tapestry which tells their story to a world audience. For archaeologists it can yield clues to ancient secrets lost for millennia. We at MITech believe that “good imagery” is just not good enough.  We strive for the highest quality imagery in every project we do.

 Our commitment is to work within the budget and help provide the best system for the project needs. We have a large selection of shallow water HD, 4K and 5K cameras with lighting for diver or ROV operations and we also have some of the only deep water 4K systems available on the market.  Our deep water lighting collection is a combination of tungsten, HMI and LED lighting systems some of which are available to full ocean depths for your ROV or submersible needs. 



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